Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Ami Sioux

yesterday night dieter and i laid in bed and looked together at the second book from Ami Sioux "Paris". We both agreed to plan a trip to paris soon and to find all the secret places and spots in the book.
oh its such a nice book!


now i want to order her first book "REYKJAVIK"! oh how nice would it be to travel around iceland.

"Reykjavik 64°08N 21°54W isn't your typical travel guide, but it is a highly unique concept. The author of the guide, Ami Sioux (a Paris-based photographer) asked 50 people in Reykjavik to hand draw maps of a significant or important place of their choosing. She later takes to the roads and Icelandic wilderness or where ever the maps may lead her and photographs the area."

text by Adrienne Wilson


  1. this great book contains pretty accurate maps i should say. you will love traveling iceland with this guide =)

  2. hi daniel,
    this is a late somment to your post, i know. but i'm desperately searching to find ami sioux's book on reykjavik and am now wondering where you ordered it back then?
    happy to hear from you: anja.