Tuesday, 30 November 2010

fairy tale

today and tomorrow i am working on one of my nicest projects so far - a fairy tale project.

i been ask to work together with some wonderful writers to create a very special fairy tale...

more soon!

Monday, 29 November 2010

birds in the post

this morning my postman brought a nice present from my new pen pal p from brooklyn. 
(btw my postmen and me became friends since a few weeks... and its good to have your postman as  a friend so he will make sure that even letters with bad hand writing or wrong house numbers arrival safely  !)  

so today by post this wonderful wrapped present arrived:

and look whats inside!!!

now do you remember my christmas wish list?
and if so do you remember wish number 3? 

wish 3:
a book about birds!

how lucky i am - and how nice from my oversea friend!

what a happy day!

and did you knew:

- The homing pigeon, Cher Ami, lost an eye and a leg while carrying a message in World War I. Cher Ami won the Distinguished Service Cross. Its leg was replaced with a wooden leg.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

how can i tell what i think until i see what i say?

last night on my way home i was looking at all these shadows. thinking about how they would transform into black holes. black holes in all kind of shadow shapes ... so, i tried to jump over, run around or  slowly move in other directions to avoid falling into the shadow like black holes - but then.... i saw my own shadow.

 black hole
new world

i dreamed about falling into a world who looked like fred tomaselli's work.

old and young

this week i had a "young" and "old" week and its very nice to have a "young" and "old" week... i tell you.


this week we set the dates for the christmas party for the lonely elderly. 
with a big bus we will pick all the elderlies and take them to a magical place :-)
i am very excited - i will wear my bow tie! of course. 


this week i was part of a child trust charity in mayfair. 
the same day i was dreaming about my children-book and about that next year it will go to print. 
how nice it would be to read your own story to kids.! it must feel magical. 

young + old dream about the same:

 a feeling of "home". 

there are so many things, places and people which makes us feel "home" - but sometimes they are hard to see, feel or to find. sometimes they seem to just not be there... but then this feeling can be found anywhere...! we must just look inside of us.  

Saturday, 27 November 2010

radio waves

 talking with the moon! 


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

4 more days!

Your book "Pluto and Charon" explains what keeps the stars apart. Can you explain that briefly?

The system of Pluto and Charon is unusual among planetary systems in that each is tidally locked to the other: Charon always presents the same face to Pluto, and Pluto always presents the same face to Charon. A wonderful image of love. Love is one of the only forces which manages to keep the stars apart  and this is  so beautifully described in the poem by EE Cummings "I carry your heart". 
My book plays with the concept of the two planets and talks about the strongest force, "love".
 "Pluto and Charon" is a love letter to what will "come" and to what has "been".

dark matters

Kenton Slash Demon - Matter from Dark Matters on Vimeo.

A Dark Universe

One way to define Humankind could be to describe the whole knowledge it possesses. In this view, every kind of knowledge is equally important, regardless of the paradigm that creates it. We may picture this collective knowledge as a cloud of concepts that self-generates, condensing the surrounding void into new knowledge.

An example of this is dark matter, a concept that exemplifies, almost literally, how knowledge grows by filling voids...

Excerpt from " A Dark Universe" by Christian Stephan-Otto

("Pluto and Charon" / Daniel Sannwald / 2010 )

Monday, 22 November 2010

on a mission


i want to be the first fashion photographer who also has a career as a kick-boxer.! 

i am trained by sensei dwyer in south bank. 

so far: 
my personal power moves are following:


kick some ass!


this saturday morning every thing started like always:

after i woke up, as usually i ate my müsli with soya milk and one banana...

what i did not knew was that at that exactly moment my friend Ana Montiel woke up from a dream that Owen Pallett was my boyfriend. 

(painting by my friend james trimmer)

what ana did not knew was that at that exact moment i watched my müsli floating in the milk... and dreaming about Nelly being my boyfriend. 

what i did not expected was that dreaming about nelly would be just the start of a wonderful weekend...

Saturday, 20 November 2010


my friend sam winston is having his first solo show since years in London. he will display new works in Kaleid Editions / Unit 2 / 23-25 Redchurch Street / E2 7DJ / London
wed - sun 11am to 7pm

1st dec - 22 dec!

you should come by because... he and his works are both really nice!

click here for the website of sam!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Pluto and Charon.

yesterday i went to belgium to be at the printing house and next to the machines when they started printing my book. 

i cant really explain how nice the feeling was inside of me when the first pages of my book came out of these huge printing machines...  

its a really nice feeling of proudness. 

10 more days... then "Pluto and Charon" will be  ready!

it will become a nice book... 

you will see 


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

happy colour messenger

i cant tell you how fast my heart is beating today... its like a real firework inside of me again.  its wonderfully intense this feeling!

i am getting ready now to leave to belgium. in my hands the last color corrections for my book "Pluto and Charon".
Tomorrow morning at 8 o´clock i will stand next to the printers ....
because tomorrow is the day that "Pluto and Charon" will go to final print.



Tuesday, 16 November 2010


a few of the many animals living in the inbox of my e-mail account. 

Monday, 15 November 2010

then and now


when my dear friend corinna and i been seventeen we went together for our first holiday to london 
i remember that we been reading dazed and confused and
dreaming about a life in london ... 


now we are here and
lately we have a lovely sunday ritual which includes late night cakes and long talks about the NOW´s and THEN´s in wonderful hidden places. 
i cant explain you how much i value to spend time with corinna and our friendship over the years...
 she is one of the persons who makes me feel "home"... 

Yesterday i said to corinna: 
Dont you think its funny... if you think about our first journey to london and about now and all.!?


Sunday, 14 November 2010

the world is big but small on my plate # 1

after talking with rokas about saltibarsciai and other lithuanian food... i thought it would be nice to not always travel so much around the world but to bring the world from time to time to my plate. so today sunday i thought it would be a nice day to invite lithuania on my plate.

so i made some saltibarsciai ( cold beetroot soup) with hot potatoes 
and thyme tee.

its a nice feeling to have my tummy filled with lithuania. 

Jūs skonis nuostabus - aplankyti manęs netrukus vėl!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

i cant wait...

to ice skate with you...!

Friday, 12 November 2010


lately i draw an invisible wall of protection around me. (every morning.!)

Thursday, 11 November 2010

guest contributer / Lucia Stamati

by Lucia Stamati 

Everything being on flames
Burned down
Arrived on the edge of a new page
 hard effort under the heat of a burning sun
without sun care
something got lost:
believe ;
moves mountains
distrust would ve blown it away
the dune
the sand
it would ve been distributed all over the place
but now I stand here in this ash-cloud, crippled wooden proofs of a civilisation, sticking out of this Armaggedon scenario
the vision said yes but the eyes said no and the heart realised:
it was not a monster hiding under our beds, waiting to be deconstructed
it s just the rats tail of a
they went nuts
believe burns mountains
distrust blows sand away
into unknown areas
waiting to be explored

pluto and charon / countdown

today the blueprints of my book "pluto and charon" arrived and next monday the book will go in finale print! 

now its the countdown... i am very excited. 

the book will feature wonderful texts :

* a text by the great astrophysicist Christian Stephan-Otto

* a poem by my very dear friend and talented poet Koen Sels 

* a very personal text on my work by... Enrique Giner de los Rios (of course!) 


* a very special story by the wonderful writer László Krasznahorkai 

and as i always say...

more soon... !