Friday, 18 December 2009


its almost ready and it feels so exciting to know that next year my book will be distributed over the US, Europe and Japan.

Its now almost in print after working over a year on it.

we will celebrate with parties in NEW YORK and LONDON.

more info´s will follow soon :)

read more on DAZED DIGITAL

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Dazed and Confused January issue 2010 says:

"If you like the work fashion photographer Daniel Sannwald has done for Dazed over the years, you´ll be as excited as us that he is going to have a book published. Not as excited as Daniel, of course. It´s the chance for him to showcase some of his more personal work alongside the achingly beautiful editorials. "The selection is like different puzzle pieces," he tells us. "But placed together it will make everything complete, and form an identity of me." Form a queue. MH"


  1. oh daniel it's so exciting! can't wait to see it!!! i really miss you already, it was just too nice there!!! and i'm sure veronik thinks the same! millions of kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i think the same, yes ! see you very soon.
    all the best to you, daniel.
    x x x veronik