Monday, 18 April 2011

jangala of friends

 these days i am really happy to run home and jump into my bed... my friend enrique is camping in my room. i love to camp and i love to talk late at night... especially if its talking with my friend enrique. in the mornings i wake up and look at him and i get really happy inside... its wonderful to have friends like him. its wonderful and it makes you strong for the day. 

today i am also really excited to go to bed fast and to wake up early because a few month ago i joined  a volunteer organisation called "befriending lonely elderly"in london and i became the friend of the lovely jewish elderly joe. tomorrow i will visit my elderly friend joe and i will surprise him with a passover lunch party...  :-) maybe we will dance tango too.! because joe used to be a wonderful tango dancer.

such an eventful time. 


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