Thursday, 18 March 2010

hot bath!!

/while i gave my workshop in japan the fashion department did a competition. the 5 best collection won a photo shoot with me. it was nice to work with students together and it remind me of my days being in the royal academy of fine arts myself. it was a bit stressful as i had just 2 hours per student and of course i wanted to make them as happy as possible.
here are two images i did for the the first student .... oh it was funny to schock the model with telling her she needs to be in a bath!!


  1. Thank you so much, Daniel.
    It was really nice experience for me.
    I'm so happy.
    The model, Zivile said thank to you!!!
    I like your photo very much.
    I'm looking forward to your every work!

    Risa Mitsui