Thursday, 4 March 2010

the school of sanny.!

so i am back in london!
but my mind is still filled with all the impressions of the japan stay. it was such a inspring time and
the workshop and the students will remain such a special and nice memory. i was so scared about speaking infront of a class and about the whole workshop that i could hardly sleep the day before the first teaching....
but once i arrived in the classroom it all disappeared and it filled my heart with so much joy.
now i want to do my next workshop soon again.! :-)

in class we been talking about all different kind of things such as:

young inspiring photographers, moving images, set design, graphic design, body and image, and much more

we did a lot of small exercises! it was fun.!

the second weekend was used for a big exercises in which the students been asked to form a group of 3 students and do a own fashion shoot with the clothes of my friend designer MIKIO SAKABE.
i also had a surprise for my class: the best two images would get a double page in the new magazine from Junsuke Yamasaki ( Dazed / Japan).
The last two hours of my workshop was for the students to present there fashion shoot infront of a jury including people such as designer Mikio Sakabe, Mademoiselle Yulia, designer Taro Horiuchi, designer and artists Yoshikazu Yamagata and dazed and confused, japan editor Junsuke Yamasaki.
it was quite scary i guess for my students but i am very very proud of all the works they produced.! very inspiring - i will show the outcomes soon and will show the 2 images which will make it into the magazine.

big kisses to all the students.! and to my great two assistants who became great friends.

and this one is for KOKI.!! ( koki please click here.... see ya in london)

i miss you all already.!

oh and if you are japanese then click here and see more photos and some japanese texts on the workshop :-)


  1. hehe,

    that was a good one, daniel! you are quite something..

    see you in london!