Thursday, 3 March 2011

Cosmic Q and A ( for D,V and M)

Cosmic Q and A ( for D,V and M) 

I know that,
if you are anywhere right now,
you are also receiving messages 
from elsewhere.

You are, for example,
standing on that hill in Greenwich,
where there's always someone
telling someone
that any moment is
Exactly Now
Right There. 
You focusing 
on things seen 
in the distance below 
that just have to 
be more than 
just bits
of dust 
lit up.
The sun is
a whole lot 
of possibilities. 

Or you could be 
watching that satellite 
in broad daylight,
thinking how oddly 
banal for it 
to be there
right now.

Or listening through an ear horn,
pointed at the sky, hoping outer 
space itself will speak,
and it does,
because even silence is 
just countless
voices combined,
so nothing is 
not telling
is what 
you're thinking. 

Or you are looking through a telescope 
until you spot those two white dots
on that black surface. Pops up
that silly thought:
if behind 
thoughts you are bound to find 
is beyond our brain somehow.
We are orbiting a point that's 
in between us.
doesn't this all

I mean:
some white spots are not 
silent holes of nothing 
in an ink black field:
they are loud, rocky planets 
trapped by something
we do not have 
a name for 
but gravity,
which is not 
enough I say. 
They could be 
telling us 
that it's not shutting up 
that will make us see
things seen without us,
if we could 
and would
like to do just that,
right now.

Darkness out there is
of nothing.
if ever there were such 
a thing not there.

But imagine this here:
walking through this drizzle, this need 
to go outside right now, this shoe
hanging loosely from that right foot 
this floor, this sudden touch and this
doc extension keeping you here 
at 15:33 and 15:59 still
and it all says a lot,
if not 
too much. 


(out of "Pluto and Charon" / Daniel Sannwald / LUDION PUBLISHING - more infos here

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