Tuesday, 22 March 2011

walking becomes a method of remembering

since i was a teenager i always had a cat near me. not that i ever wanted a cat, they always just been around.  
similar to owls, i always believed that if cats could talk they would have really nice voices. dont you think?

they would talk alot of nonsense - for sure. because they are cats! and cats dont care about being too foolish or not... 
but they would also tell you from time to time really clever things which make you think and wonder for a long time such as explaining you that
"walking becomes a method of remembering".

They would also teach you about voidness.
For cats, emptiness is a characteristic of phenomena arising from the cats observation that nothing possesses an essential - enduring identity. 

just recently, i had to discover that being near a cat makes me feel very calm. 

if i talk with marlon i feel calm too.!
just a few things in life make me feel calm - such as stones, trees or the universe. 
today i wondered if marlon might be an enchanted cat. 

i mean you never know... do you? 

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