Monday, 26 September 2011

igor dobričić

What is happening in a moment is happening forever, in parallel, not before or after past-future. When we regret that the moment passed away we are confusing one reality with another instead of receiving them both simultaneously. In fact by this misperception we are killing the moment by placing it, in our imagination, inside a wrong series to which it does not belong. In time, what will die is already dead but that is not preventing it from being immortal. Immortality is not the afterlife, it is a life outside of time.


  1. Hi Daniel.
    Im going to antwerp this weekend and it made me think of you. It looks like your doing good. i saw that you released a book and i would love the get a hold one, do you know if i could buy or order it from somewhere? It would be amazing to have à book by my favourite german two weekteacher and photographer.