Saturday, 3 September 2011

Two Roses on Friday and other adventures

Every Friday I try to see Rose.  She tells me often about her late husband and how he brought her roses on Fridays --- so one day I started to do the same. 
Rose would always says: "Daniel! Its not because my name is Rose but Roses are just so wonderful.!!!" 

Last Friday i brought her white Roses which made her very happy. To say thank you she wrote me a lovely poem which she read out loud in front of me. 

Her Poem: 

Dear Daniel,
The flowers you sent me
 have lasted so long 
they are so beautiful,
 colourful and strong 
they may not keep until our next repar
but you know that you are always welcome
 to come and call again 
and bring me some roses once again 

The same day i said good bye to my little soldier who is having some adventures in NY... ((come back soon!))

and as my mum always says: wenn man sich nicht verabschiedet, kann man sich auch nicht begrüßen...und begrüßen, liebe ich...ich finde, dass ein ersehntes wiedersehen, die tiefsten gefühle empfinden lässt...

The same day i went to see the concert of my Friends Amor de Dias at the National Portrait Gallery. It was very magical to listen to their music amongst all this painted ladies.

my favourite lady:

my favourite song:

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