Tuesday, 27 July 2010

27th july

today my friend corinna and i had lunch at cecconi´s.

Enzo Cecconi - the youngest ever general manager of the famous Cipriani restaurant in Venice - came to London in 1978 and opened Cecconi's. It became an overnight success and in the 80s it was a Mecca for the rich and the royal (one lunchtime, during Ascot week, one waiter remembers serving members of four different royal families on four different tables).

i eat:

courgette flowers with smoked ricotta
smoked goose with black truffle
lemon tart with mascarpone ice cream

on my way to work i found a show window display with a statue covered by a tiger photo carpet. i liked it a lot.

after work i went to see a opera "Tomorrow, in a year" with the music by "the knife", with my club the "weekly day of things we have not done before" club (click here to read more about us)..
i wanted to close my eyes as i felt slightly embarrassed by the visuals of the show.

before i went to bed i had a thought:
in addition to my belief in my powers as a photographer - i had an idea that i was equal to writing a nice children book.

i decided i will start writing this august...


  1. I really hope you have had a good time at the opera, but i'm afraid i'd have covered my ears also...
    Well, that would be a quiet unique experience too: Going to the Opera to hear and see nothing at all!


    Oh and thanks for 'Paris'. I love the first 4 minutes so much.