Monday, 19 July 2010

food and friends

today was a day full of work but also a day filled with nice friends and nice food.

i went to see lenni for lunch at the rochelle canteen and we shared:

- Green Salad
- Duck Hearts, Pickled Walnut & Watercress
- Sweetbread Terrine & Broad Beans
- Poached Gooseberries & Elderflower Sorbet

for dinner i meet with isa, lale and andres and we eat nice too!

i had a steak and honey and thym rosted peaches.

what a nice day.!

today i was thinking: life just keeps on going.

my housemate stefan knew what i meant with that and we both been sad for a bit. but just a bit.
a tiny bit - so we could still enjoy the rest of a wonderful monday.