Friday, 9 July 2010

july 9th

july 9th

- is a great day to let squirrels free but first you have to make sure that they have a nice future ahead of them.

- today i found a spinach leaf in my favourite plate.

- on my way home i passed a tiger wearing sunglasses.

- today my club (click here to read about us) decided on our weekly day of things we have not done before - it will include shells, old trains and fishermen. tomorrow saturday the 10th will be our weekly day and soon i will tell you all about it!

-oh what a nice day to read german translated poems of ossip mandelstam:

Nicht ein Wort ist zu verlieren

Nichts zu lehren weit und breit –

Schön die Seele, Trauer spürend

Tier ist sie und Dunkelheit:

Keine Lehre will sie ziehen,

Nicht ein Wort, das sie behält –

Jung durchschwimmt sie,

ein Delphin

Weiße Schluchten alter Welt

Ossip Mandelstam, Der Stein

ins Deutsche gebracht von Ralph Dutli

and also a good day to listen to:


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  2. I'm wondering if you could record yourself while you read it and then upload for our audiovisual pleasure


  3. gabriel.! :-) lets see....