Monday, 6 December 2010

i will make you well, tiger!

late at night kathi and i had a skype meeting from south london to east london

kathi --------- hello ------- daniel 

i cant wait until kathi moves into our house. she makes me happy. 

today we talked about our childrens book club 

our next meeting will be a long weekend filled with stories and lots of unhealthy sweet food such as 

pancakes with all kind of toppings
chocolate milk with marsh mellow floats

if you want to join our club you are more then welcome.!

 you just need to bring a pyjama and a blanket! or two.

and a book if you like too. 

write to 

for more informations

some of the books we will read that evening will be:






         ( translation : Janosch " i will make you well, tiger.!" )

wonderful title don't you think??? 


yuuhuuu.! wonderful story... too! i am super excited to read it again. last time i looked at it was on a bus ride trough london. back then it was shaky but a wonderful read. 
and one day i would live like mr. gumpy!


wow.! yuuuhuuu.


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