Tuesday, 2 November 2010

thats how i like it, baby!

...if you see me in the streets this week - you most likely will catch me in this mood:

and thats because 



i have a week full of nice work meetings and i signed a few super nice new projects and lovely jobs.... cant wait to tell you.. :-) soon more.! 

my friend kathi and i will organize our first children book sleep over club this week. bring your pillows and picture books and drink hot chocolate with double cream floats with us.! and lets read and look together at all the best of john burningham, blake, etc... 

because that is how we like it! 


  1. you're so crazy daniel! but an i-pod is the best, especially when sporting!

  2. why I'm not there?
    with the biggest pillow, like the ones i had in antwerp! do you remember?
    oh wait, there are 5567.11km from my door to yours... that must be why... can't thing of anything else.