Thursday, 12 August 2010


this morning i went to a wonderful old cyprus lady to read my cards, she smoked a lot while telling me what she could see in my cards.

she saw a lot and many nice things.!

she said:

dont worry daniel! you will have a wonderful life...

you have a crown!

(how nice it is to have a crown - i was thinking)

and a big heart and so much to give with all the nice colors around you.

she also said:

you are a feather! calm and light.

( that i also liked a lot and i had to think about charlotte who calls me: pigeon.!)

she said that i will need to leave london and that my luck and future is waiting for me in new york.

( i been dreaming a lot about moving to new york lately)

she also told me that she sees that my work will develop and that it wont just stay about photography.

( i hope i will become a children book author!)

she talked about my next loves and that i will need to go through one more short relationship before i will meet my man.
he will be a bit older then me and he will wait for me in america.

.... i left quite happily her house.