Saturday, 14 August 2010

midsummer night

on this midsummer night
everyone is sleeping
we go driving
into the moonlight

could be in a dream
our clothes are on the beach
these prints of our feet
leading up to the sea

early this morning i left with alexi in his car driving through a midsummer night
the back of our car filled with fresh collected rosemary and eucalyptus leafs and
from the garden of alexis father fresh cucumbers, pears and grapes for our journey
i always forget how much i like to drive at nights
i think its one of the things which makes me the most quiet and calm
i like to be quiet and look outside the windows
passing lights and thoughts
once i am back in london i want to buy the book alexi is reading by adam philips: on kissing, tickling and being bored.
we played kate bush's "Nocturn" while welcoming the next morning.

look at the light
at all the time it's a changing
look at the light
climbing up the aerial

Bright, white coming alive jumping off the aerial
all the time it's a changing like now
all the time it's a changing like then again
all the time it's a changing
and all the dreamers are waking


  1. I love it too!

    I love the whole world Kate Bush created in Aerial; full of love, nature and speaking birds.