Thursday, 19 August 2010

thinking about cyprus

today i was here but thinking about there.

thinking about how we both went to the crystal healer and i asked for:
kindness, the now and courage
and how the healer laid circles of stones over my body
1 circle : shades of red stones
2 circle : shades of turquoise stones
3 circle: shades of purple stones

thinking about the white rocks we being climbing.

dreaming of our boat and how we sailed to the blue lagoon.
and thinking about our jeep and how we did a herb safari and how we stopped from time to time to plug herbs and fruits and how we ate fresh grapes, bananas and pears.
how we acquaintance a bull, turtle babies and lots of goats.

thinking of how we took pictures together

thinking about how we took a swim in adonis bath.

the myth says:
men will become stronger once they swim in adonis waters.
and if you swim together in the waters you will fall in love.


but then i had enough of thinking and i crawled out of my bed and went for a wander with tali and her dog mia.

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