Friday, 13 August 2010


until next week wednesday ... i will be gone to climb a mountain, visit different villages and beaches, will see how farmers make fresh halloumi cheese, will sit under the stars, lay on rocks and think about the time they have been and do all the things which makes me feel quite inside.


the feeling i get
driving past the railroad yard
(never on purpose but on my way to somewhere)
are the feelings other men have for other things.
i see the tracks and all the boxcars
the tank cars the flat cars
all of them motionless and so many of them
perfectly lined up and not an engine anywhere
(where are all the engines?)
i drive past looking sideways at it all
a wide, still railroad yard
not a human in sight
then i am past the yard
and it wasn't just the romance of it all
that gives me what i get
but something back nameless
always making me feel better
as some men feel better looking at the open sea
or the mountains or at wild animals
or at a woman
i like those things too
especially the wild animals and the woman
but when i see those lovely old boxcars
with their faded painted lettering
and those flat cars and those fat round tankers
all lined up and waiting
i get quiet inside
i get what other men get from other things
i just feel better and it's good to feel better
whenever you can
not needing a reason.

(the railroad yard, charles bukowski)


talk soon.!

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