Thursday, 9 September 2010

Head of the year

yesterday i was invited by the wonderful silvers and cederbaum´s to celebrate an lovely jewish new year with them.

do you remember the mad hatter from alice who celebrates an unbirthday party?
(an unbirthday is an event that can be celebrated on any day that is not the person's birthday)
so yesterday i celebrated jewish new years, and oddly it felt like a real new years evening to me and then at the same time it felt a bit like a un-new years party, esp when we all hugged and kissed and wished everyone a happy new year.
but a wonderful un-new years party.!

Rosh Hashana is a very nice celebration and full of symbolic rituals.

you eat:
apples dipped in honey = for a sweet year
the head of a fish = to symbolise the head and not the tail of the year
pomegranates = for fertility
round bread = to show that life is a circle

we also had non jewish rituals that evening such as:

every guest received a card with a power animal spirit - an animal which would guide us in the next year.

i got the

blue heron,
thank you sacred water bird, for sending reflections to me, the mirrors of the quest for life, the world that live inside me.
show me how relationships work, with my path woven within the whole. the lesson of kinship with all life, reflecting my spirits eternal goal.

on my walk home - i looked down on my air max and then i had to think about the work "as long as i´m walking" by francis alys.

as long as i´m walking... i´m not choosing
as long as i´m walking... i´m not smoking
as long as i´m walking... i´m not losing
as long as i´m walking... i´m not making
as long as i´m walking... i´m not knowing

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