Monday, 6 September 2010

The moon always follows the sun

i have 3 friends in london called stefan.

1. stefan from germany
2. stefan from mexico
3. stephane from france

yesterday i went with stephane (no.3) for a day trip to peckham.

we went to some nice african shops and stores:

i found a lovely blue and pink scarf from ghana - which so the lady in the store said looked good ( well she did not said it... but she put her thumb up) - so i bought it.

we quickly made friends with the lady´s in the shop.

they liked us because:

- we did an african fashion show with colourful fabrics, neckless´s and scarfs
- we showed them how we dance to ragga and dancehall
- we shared some dark chocolates
- we made them smile and laugh

is good to make friends in un-kown areas so they can help you to find your way.

they send us with love to a great african food place in peckham called "AGROBESO".

visit if you ever around:
139 Peckham High Street, Peckham
London, SE15 5SL

we ate:

stephan - okra with fish and rice!
daniel - fufu with goats soup!

(okra with fish and rice! was recommended by the ladies.)

while eating we made friends with a sweet lady with the lovely name "NaNa".!
she told us lots of stories about ghana, african foods, her sons and family and about life wisdoms such as:

"walk with a song in your head.!"

i like to walk with a song in my head - its such a nice saying.

she invited us to sing and dance with her family soon!

it made me happy to find so many nice people in peckham. and i will go to visit soon again.

the day ended with a late bus drive home while looking at a book about "african flags of the fante".

its nice to be in africa from time to time!

the next morning started with a wonderful african poem:

The moon always follows the sun

Calm down little brother
Time heals all wounds
No matter how much one is weeping
The moon always follows the sun.
Eat your banana’s and fresh leaves,
And don’t cry anymore,
Because forever and ever
The moon will follow the sun.

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