Saturday, 25 September 2010

my friend lucia

 this is my friend lucia stamati.

i met lucia in london even though
-we are from the same village in germany 
-we have one friend in common. rani from austria 

if you ask lucia to name one of her favourite presents...
 she might tell you:
 an electronic toothbrush!

 she carries a little dictaphone in her pocket to record her ideas. 

she is allergic to aspirin. 

if you call her she will reply her phone with the most happiest - "HI!"-you ever heard.

Luckily, lucia lives just two streets away from my new house. 
prefect distance for walky talkies!
i think she would be a great walky talky friend! 

lucia does really nice art works, photo´s and videos such as this one:

i am happy that we became friends. 
i think she is wonderful. 

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