Monday, 20 September 2010


my old house got sold!

since then i lived and slept in different houses and flats.

- once i slept on an inflatable under a palmtree in a living room - and it felt like being in the bahamas.
- once i slept on the floor in a table tent ( table covered by a blanket). it was a bit hard but nice and my dreams that night been very soft and gentle.
- a couple of times i slept in the air. once in first class - which was very lovely and i had a sweet stewardess who covered my at night with a blanket and wished me sweet dreams. before i felt asleep i thought about the clouds under the plane and about the book "Cloudland" by John Burningham. It was a cloudy night!
- i slept and lived in wonderful rooms and nice beds in the flats of two great artsist :
*for 25 days with Daniel Silver
*for 27 days with Stefan Br├╝ggemann

now i am happy that i found a new place - a wonderful house!

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