Monday, 18 October 2010

It Goes Without Saying

recent discovery:

i developed the habit of talking to myself when i am alone 
i start to talk about different things.
a conversation with an imaginary second me who does not reply.
  someone who just silently listen to all i have to say. 

today i was telling me something about "dance" and then i had to think about following:

my sister still makes fun of my endless attempts of dancing german expressionistic dance in our rustically living room. 

a few weeks ago dance umbrella started in london and with its start i though i should give my dance wish another try. 

and so... i started taking contemporary dance classes.
 i did not expected contemporary dance to be so strict and my class to be so over serious. 
but listen... dancing... its quite wonderful. 

time passes different if you dance 
and its nice to know that 
at the eye of the storm stands the body...

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