Sunday, 24 October 2010

perfect weekend or post 301

a perfect weekend is a nice happening we easily forget to value sometimes.!
so its nice to remind me how wonderful this one was.!

a wonderful weekend with

- reading my favourite books by john burningham

i,  in particular like "Aldo" - its about a very very lucky girl who has a special friend called "aldo" -
not just a normal friend:
a wonderful rabbit friend
a secret friend who always comes when things go bad or when you feel lonely.

over the past month, my aldo was enrique.... but he is not a rabbit nor is he a secret. he is just a friend who makes me also a very very lucky boy.

- late night cinema shows until 3 in the morning ( but dont forget to dress warm.!) and get yourself a good amount of coffee or cola so you can take now and then a quick sip during the film.

- meeting up with my friends ana and sebastian and going on a fungi foray! dont forget to wear good boots to take you trough the wild nature of england.

in my pockets i took my loved little wooden knife which i bought in france earlier this year. i like to cut with that knife
....and to carry the knife in my pocket makes me feel very safe.

- riding with your bike trough town and if you ride your bike try out to make sounds while driving. it makes more fun believe me.
when i drive down hills a bridge and if i feel no-one can listen i make sounds such as ...

- many dinners and lunch´s with nice friends and future friends such as diego. with whom i ate oven baked mashed potato´s and drank a apple juice.

diego makes nice work such as following.

(if you want to see more of his work check STUDIO FANTASTICO.COM )

- and how nice is a weekend if your book finally goes into print.! it will be in the stores 30/11.!



what a perfect weekend.!
and the best thing of all is that my weekend is still not over!  :-)

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