Thursday, 7 October 2010

ME or how my new club starts with a tear

i founded a new club!

you all know (click here.!)
but now i founded 

"ME time - club." 

member = one / me 

I had a long talk with my friend Sebastian about the inner child and how wonderful and importnat it is to listen and use one of our strongest inner callings. 
Its great if you make time for the things your inner child wants to.
its wonderful to do something just for yourself and something without the need to function for anyone else then for yourself. its a really nice and important experience. 

Yesterday i had my first club time! 

i encountered a lot of nice emotions yesterday and my time ended with a unexpected tear on my cheek. 

one of my next big callings  will be for a rainy day.
i want to wear really huge rain boots and jump in the biggest rain puddles around my house - trying to make the biggest and loudest splashes i can.  

the inner child mostly has simple wishes but these wishes will feel very huge in emotions if performed honestly and free! 

i can highly recommend everyone to open up there own clubs!  
its so nice to do what you feel for. its hard and also maybe difficult at first but... 

well just try!

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