Friday, 15 October 2010

party in my tummy

HUSK Fall / Winter 2010



Bit of Flour
1 glass of White Wine


2-3 Oranges
Fresh Mint
Red Chilli

Side Dish:

Sesame Seeds
Pistachio Nuts
Pine Nuts

I never cook with exact measures I find that terrible boring the same about following every step in a cookbook. Cooking is about moods and feelings for me, therefore I feel, taste and improvise every time I cook. I cook a lot with colours it’s a great way to cook. Its visual cooking and its an experiment which is more fun.

We turn the perch in a bit of flour and boil it shortly in a pan with a bit of water and white wine.
The water should be boiling when the fish is placed in the water; we then cool the water with a glass of white wine and the juice of a lemon.

In the meantime we prepare the sauce in another pan.
The main ingredient is butter. I love butter.! If you want to sell me a dish just tell me it contains lots of butter and I will go for it. Butter makes me happy.
So we melt the butter in a pan and add juice of fresh pressed oranges. If you want you can add a bit of the white wine fish water as well  (not much a few spoons).
Once the butter and the juice has blend add fine cut red chilli (be gentle – its more about the colour and about a little spicy after taste) and a nice hand of raff cut fresh mint leaves.

As a side I like to use cold broccoli, which I cooked a bit earlier. I lay the broccoli on a bed of rocket and top it with mix of sesame seeds and roasted pine and pistachio nuts. 

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