Tuesday, 26 October 2010

one day....

one day i would like to buy for me and my future family a house in the countryside . 
near a river or a lake. with lots of nice plants around... and many puff balls. so i can show the kids how the explode when you touch them. that would be lovely...!
i would organize excusions with the whole family to invented fantasy worlds in the forest.
baking lovely berry cakes and eating them with ice cream while playing nice music in the radio. 
dancing madly until late at night and reading stories to one another in self builded blanket tents. 
going on insect safaris and going on funghi forays. befriending all the animals in the grass, forest and lake near the house. doing costume parties with great themes...
organizing tea parties in huge trees and all of that... imagine. 

oh i cant wait... 

one day.!


  1. It's one of my dreams too. <3
    We can visit each others countryside houses and go on adventures.


  2. first i want to be your neighbour in brooklyn! and then we think about a nice countryside for our houses.
    however, i also really enjoy to have you as a penpal! i love getting your letters.! so we should never give that up - even if we live next to one another.... :-) read you soon friend!