Thursday, 11 November 2010

guest contributer / Lucia Stamati

by Lucia Stamati 

Everything being on flames
Burned down
Arrived on the edge of a new page
 hard effort under the heat of a burning sun
without sun care
something got lost:
believe ;
moves mountains
distrust would ve blown it away
the dune
the sand
it would ve been distributed all over the place
but now I stand here in this ash-cloud, crippled wooden proofs of a civilisation, sticking out of this Armaggedon scenario
the vision said yes but the eyes said no and the heart realised:
it was not a monster hiding under our beds, waiting to be deconstructed
it s just the rats tail of a
they went nuts
believe burns mountains
distrust blows sand away
into unknown areas
waiting to be explored

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