Monday, 1 November 2010

the cake competition or why this weekend was so funny

i decided to take part at the boudicca cake competition! 

my entry was a  cake recipe i made up myself - so lets call it an " cake experiment".  I enjoy to cook that way but of course you need to take in account that you might end up with a failure. 

So my idea was to make a  "tahini, honey and thyme cake". 


butter cookie ground 
made out of different kinds of cookies and butter 
mixed with rosted seeds and crushed pistachio 


topped with a tahini cream
a mixture of light tahini, cream cheese, honey and fresh thyme leaves 


more honey! 

and a finishing of japanese black sesame seeds ( forgot to take a picture of that step!) 

so now what i did not wrote yet is following:

i overslept that day so i had to rush out and be very very fast with everything 
and in my fastness i bought salty turkish cookies for step 1.! 
so it became a really salty cake... well my cake was described as a first sweet honey thyme taste followed by a nut taste and then a very very salty ending. 

it was too funny! 
but listen if you start something you have to go the whole way.. so i decided to still take part on the competition. 

i was entry no. 31.
there been lots of cakes at the competition in all kind of colours and shapes - some very extravagance looking once , some fruity and some with lots of colourful sugar icing.

me and my friend been on the floor laughing ( well i was a mixture between laughing and super red from shyness) when the first jury members tasted my cake. 
the first jury members been leila from leilas cafe and a girl called kitty who runs an ice cream cafe.
it was really the funniest thing to watch. leila took two spoons - i guess because she could not place the taste at first or maybe could not believe what she tasted... 

a salty cake! 

well okay i did not won but i was shocked that a carrot cake and a pear cake won this years competition. 

and listen:
sunday was so funny too as i took part of a dance classes which was listed as: 
This class is for the serious dancer/student who likes to work, and play, hard.


when all flew elegant like butterflies trough the room - i followed (as the last one)
 like a
"stone who tried to fly"

it was really funny too! 

what a weekend.!!
(but i felt like a winner anyways) 

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