Monday, 15 November 2010

then and now


when my dear friend corinna and i been seventeen we went together for our first holiday to london 
i remember that we been reading dazed and confused and
dreaming about a life in london ... 


now we are here and
lately we have a lovely sunday ritual which includes late night cakes and long talks about the NOW´s and THEN´s in wonderful hidden places. 
i cant explain you how much i value to spend time with corinna and our friendship over the years...
 she is one of the persons who makes me feel "home"... 

Yesterday i said to corinna: 
Dont you think its funny... if you think about our first journey to london and about now and all.!?


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  1. I've probably spent over an hour and a half now looking through your work and blog, and this is still my favourite Dazed and Confused cover. I hope I’ll be writing a similar post in a couple of years, thank you for being such an inspiration!