Sunday, 28 November 2010

old and young

this week i had a "young" and "old" week and its very nice to have a "young" and "old" week... i tell you.


this week we set the dates for the christmas party for the lonely elderly. 
with a big bus we will pick all the elderlies and take them to a magical place :-)
i am very excited - i will wear my bow tie! of course. 


this week i was part of a child trust charity in mayfair. 
the same day i was dreaming about my children-book and about that next year it will go to print. 
how nice it would be to read your own story to kids.! it must feel magical. 

young + old dream about the same:

 a feeling of "home". 

there are so many things, places and people which makes us feel "home" - but sometimes they are hard to see, feel or to find. sometimes they seem to just not be there... but then this feeling can be found anywhere...! we must just look inside of us.  

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