Monday, 7 June 2010

before i go yummy news

all people who dont know what to do on a monday - should consider to travel to antwerp to taste the nice food and sweets of the pop up canteen from my friends from antwerp.
i myself been to the last two monday and it was a nice evening and it made my stomach and heart warm and happy!
each monday works around another theme and food topic.
you can read more about the canteen and the people behind it here! click yummy

last monday i helped them to decorate the place and i found this photo of me on the otark blog with my brand new favourite sweater... sadly i will need to wait till after summer to wear it again.

apart from the canteen they do also other nice things - in there words:

"otark is an antwerp based innitiative by charlotte koopman, hadas cnaani, miljan vukicevic and chaim eefting. trading in knowledge, tradition and brilliant ideas through food products, publications and cookery audacitys. in the near future, otark markets will be a travell agency for flavour, offering carefully detected food products from small or tiny special productions from various countries. hungry for more info? send an email to us, and we will take it from there!"

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