Friday, 4 June 2010

house search 1

oh today was a nice day -as we have to move out of our loved house we started today looking for a new place and i forgot how nice it is to check out houses and flats.
if you are bored just go on house viewings - its fun i swear!

house option no1.

really nice house with two huge gardens - and a hidden secret bench for secret meetings. the back garden feels a bit out of THE SECRET GARDEN. yes yes that made me very happy.

and the house is a bit like the house of PIPI by astrid lindgren. every room is painted in a different colour and lots of maps everywhere.

and its next to london fields!

maybe ....we take it! ;-)

oh and for lunch i had wild dandelion at the st.john restaurant... yummy! i want to have lots of dandelion in my garden.

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