Saturday, 12 June 2010

sl39 mk3

the last two days have been very special and i have met some really nice people on this journey so far. Like alex from russia a former film critic writer or enrica from italy who wrote 14 books so far on arts in italy. i heard lots of nice stories and its always a nice thing to meet people while traveling. its this lightness of the moments while traveling which makes every meeting and conversation so easy and special.
today i enjoyed having a strong wind in my hair because we been sailing on a 27 million euro yacht ( i asked secretly the captain of the boat about the price of the yacht) - and i felt like beyonce and jay z on holidays. (if interested check feadship royal dutch shipyards SL39 mk3)
oh its nice because we had to be without shoes on the boat and it was nice to walk with naked feets and we been drinking lots of wine and exploring the boat and the sea.
to be without shoes and with naked feets makes everything much more comfortable and much more fun. it was almost like a naked feet party on the boat - just the crew was wearing shoes and the cooks.

tonight is my last night in the hotel pitrizza which is also quite something. you should google :-)

pictures will follow soon!

oh and today a turle crossed my way. and a snake and a few lizards.

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