Thursday, 17 June 2010

paris in a week

my week in paris looked like that

every day:

-getting dressed in the clothes from my friend sophear (where i am staying at).... its nice to have new clothes for a week. its more fun getting dressed in the mornings.
-running to the mm office to work on my new book
-passing the bakery biscottes ( rue yves toudic / near republique) getting a apricot cake for -breakfast. very good place!
-working on my book together with michel, lisa and simon (look at all the images on the floor - its the day before we started our will become very nice... !)
-meeting friends for lunch - today with my friend ellen who is like me forgetting names and things and stories and basically everything very easily - we had japanese, tea and ice cream.
- after work going home or for drinks with my very new friend and grafik designer of my book... simon :-) and crew.

and my fav song at the moment is:


  1. A new book? But what happened with the other one you showed us a couple of months ago? I can't wait Daniel! :)

  2. hey gabriel.
    The new book will become very nice and we have a lot of nice ideas and plans for the book. i will tell you soon more about it. :)

  3. So happy to hear that (in my mind as i read) Daniel!
    Oh, and you should listen Kate Bush's version of Sexual Healing, it's awesome too ;)