Tuesday, 29 June 2010


when i moved to london i had a ritual every monday.
monday was "letter day" and i really looked forward for every monday ....siting down and writing letters ... tinker leaf monsters or other creatures to send on journeys to my friends around the world.
sadly writing letters and having mondays free requires strict discipline and good organisation.

but honestly to write and receive letters or notes and cards are just one of the nicest things ever.

if anyone wants to start writing me - pls do:

Daniel Sannwald
Woodlea 14a
N16 0TP

i will surely reply. even if you are a lazy writer
or someone who just send short tips such as

... check the book:
"every minute you are angry you loose sixty seconds of happiness"
by julian germain ...

or what every kind of letter person you are...

i remember that the friendly pakistani men in the post office on church street always liked how i decorated my envelops.
last december i sent a few letters out to friends and placed in each envelop a candy.
he then felt with his long fingers... trying to figure what that shape hidden in the envelop could be.
i will surely miss him when i move out of my house in august.

.... maybe from time to time i will visit him to post some letters.

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