Tuesday, 29 June 2010

fake aunt + worlds within worlds + boys and bazaar

since a couple of days i miss my fake aunt from germany. its so nice to have a fake aunt. i mean aunts can be great anyways but some also terrible horrible.... so its great if you can choose yourself who will be your aunt. fake aunts can just be great therefore.
my fake aunt in germany loves to eat lots of cakes and likes to drink black tea in nice cups and she likes to chat about life with me.
now i want to find me a fake aunt in london. i am not sure yet how... but i will find a way. how nice it would be to have an english fake aunt... meeting for high tea and eating scones together. i would really enjoy that. ( i would like if my english fake aunt would wear funny hats on sundays. something like this click HERE)

yesterday i met peter who is a globe maker in his studio. i like the concept that someone is making worlds within a world. i got really inspired by the whole idea and it felt very nice to be in a room surrounded by little worlds. i would like to see him soon again.

seeing a nice copy of the book " in 80 days around the world" in an old bookshop
moominpappa saying " life is short, the world is enormous" in tove jansson "the exploits of moominpappa"
i feel even more like traveling and seeing new places... i am planing to do a shoot in cyprus together with my new cyprus gang nicolas and video artist alexi.
i will wear my new cap! ( cap with text = I love CYPRUS and cyprus loves me)

we are still on the house search and its interesting to see how other people are living. i am curiously looking in every corner, cabinet and cupboard drawer... secretly of course... yesterday i found this portrait of two boys. i liked it a lot.

oh and i cant wait to show you my harpers shoot!

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