Wednesday, 30 June 2010


it has been a dream since long for me to visit christies for an evening art auction. evening art auction are a bit more glamorous then the day auctions and the art works are worth more money.
this evening was post war and contemporary art auction with works by catalan, warhol, richter, flavin and ruscha to name a few.
i invited 4 friends to join me for that evening and we all agreed to dress up. dresscode: smart art buyer.
we slurped elderflower cocktails while watching the procedure of getting the works auctioned. interesting audience i tell you and its really thrilling and exciting to see mysterious people on the phone giving strange signs to buy artworks.
the highest bid went for andy warhol´s "silver liz" - it went for £6,761,250.
i was a bit interested in dan flavin "untitled (to janie lee) and tal r "last drawing before mars". but i did not dare to raise my hand or do a strange sign... actually i almost didn´t want to move at all... as i was afraid to make a sign without even noticing it. i was still like a stone.... just my eyes moved carefully and observed.
the most exciting bid was for a work of chris ofili (orgena) it was a battle between a women and a men. they took it very slow and always been on the phone for long seconds before they raised the bid. it was great. i had sweaty handpalms.
chris ofili went for £1,889,250.

sale total of that evening : 45,640,200 pounds.

what a night! we celebrated with vodka soda.


  1. 人不能像動物一樣活著,而應該追求知識和美德....................................................................

  2. So funny! :D
    Your story reminded me of that scene from North by Northwest

    Well, you did the exact opposite which makes the whole scene even more hilarious.

  3. it was amazing. thank you for a great night out Sanny!!!