Thursday, 10 June 2010

i am love and david bowie

this evening was kind of really something.

have you seen the movie I AM LOVE ? do you remember the family dinner?

so this evening i was invited to join the family dinner of the family loro piana in costa smeralda.
it very much reminded me all on the movie. just here it was two brothers who run the family company and two wonderful wifes and one who really reminded me on the woman tilda swinton portrait in I AM LOVE.

the famile arrived with their own boat.. worth 20 million euro. just to give an impression of the whole situation.

table with name cards. i been seperated from chenbo so we both had to sit with strangers.
on the left the son of the family on the right a friend of the family.
waiters who served the food.

it honestly devloped to a really amazing evening and it ended that after lots of wine and stories we been dancing together to different records from david bowie to (my request) beyonce.

really late that evening stella came over to me and said: you look very happy.

and i was super happy tonight. its nice to find such a fun in a place i would have never expected it.

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