Sunday, 27 June 2010

late summer night dances and nice houses!

after a break up - all of a sudden everything is different and if you are going to move on you are careful to make use of every single minute... you quickly pull up your tents and douse the fire... before anyone can ask questions you start running and pulling on your rucksack as you go.

yesterday i went to my favourite museum in london the V&A to look at small houses. i decided i will come back next week and sit in one of the houses an afternoon long with some fresh made camomille ice tea and a good book. you will find me most likely in the one from studio mumbai.

i will go tuesday afternoon between two and five..... if you want to visit and share some ice tea come and visit.!

last night i joined my first midsummer dance... i danced so happily that i booked my ticket to sweden this morning. :-) i am going thursday with my rucksack and new found cap!

....finally you are on your way and suddenly quite calm.

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